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Technology Behind the Science

The Bio Impedance Technology is non-invasive and is completely safe.  It could be compared to taking an EKG of each one of the organ systems in the body. It is useful to quickly arrive at the differential diagnoses that are at the root of illness or discomfort, thereby improving quality of care.

Many functional or energy balancing devices are based on the research of Dr. Voll, who established that there is a network of energy channels suffusing the body. These can be used to collect energetic data.

Different organs are associated with different meridians and wellness problems are believed to manifest themselves as energetic disturbances in the associated meridians.

The interface unit is the world's premier testing tool for measuring the body's conductivity along the acupuncture points.  The software creates a graphic display for practitioners to evaluate and for patients to view, helping them to better understand the energetic readings of their body. 

The database contains more than

80,000 frequencies and the resonances that are obtained through scanning are very useful for balancing the person's functional health.

For the Full Assessment we use the Science of Homotoxicology.
Unwellness is most often the result of Toxicity

The Homotoxicology Identification Process shows the Degree of Toxicity The Person is Experiencing.

1) First Phase there is an early Excretion Phase when the only thing needed is Detoxing and Drainage.

2) The Second Phase is an Inflammation Phase. Here the toxins have begun to cause problems

3) The Third Phase is the Deposition Phase where toxins have deposited themselves in the tissues and there is evidence of un-wellness and discomfort
4) The Fourth Phase.  The problems progress to the Impregnation Phase where there are now serious signs of problems, just before we enter into the Degeneration Phase

5) Fifth Phase,  Now the body is in Degeneration and a very serious situation is taken root.  To clean this is much more difficult.

6) Finally the Six Phase, named the De-differentiation Phase where the toxicity has not been addressed and the body enters into a complete breakdown, Death is imminent.

Allergy Testing and Sensitivity Testing

The term "allergy" has been used in a variety of ways. Traditionally, "allergy" has been associated with Immunoglobulin E or IgE responses. "Allergy testing", to many, means the common Scratch test that is useful in detecting IgE responses.


"Sensitivity" has often been applied to other types of responses as well, including IgE responses.

Testing of foods, pollen, and other environmental toxins is called "Sensitivity Screening". The testing for food and environmental sensitivities is completely different in application and mechanism from the scratch test.

"An allergic reaction is triggered when the body's immune system overreacts to the presence of something that is not usually found in the body. The allergen can get there by being eaten or inhaled, or by injection as may occur with an insect sting. Allergic reactions occur most commonly to pollen, grains, dust, molds, and foods. Allergic reactions can also occur to animal proteins such as those found on hair, fur, or dander, and to topical agents such as the oils found on poison ivy leaves."

Some food allergies are based on a different mechanism. These can be traced to reactions mediated by sensitized T lymphocytes in the gastrointestinal tract...This type of allergy isn't well understood because these cells aren't amenable to any kind of testing.

"Once a person is sensitized, the amount of allergen needed to set off an adverse reaction can be minimal. There are anecdotal reports of passengers on airplanes experiencing minor allergic reactions to peanut protein dust released into the cabin from other passenger's mid-flight snacks, according to James D. Astwood, manager of Montsanto's Protein Characterization and Safety Center in St Louis

Parasites and other Toxic Invasions

Parasites and toxicity are routinely found in Testing and are responsible for so many  problems. Parasite cleansing can be done on a bi-annual basis to keep the body relatively parasite free. 

 We Include Emotional Parasites

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