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You're not allowed to die

People accept taking poison that kills you, if prescribed by a doctor.

Doctors are the spokespersons for the Big Pharma. Their prestige in society is an indication on who really runs the world and this society, daily ever more. Big Pharma interest is not your health, their interest is to keep you taking their pills, continue being sick and slave to their goals.

Their goals: Synthetic life suppressing the real life.

Truly, Big Pharma is one of the most evil plagues I have ever seen. The plague intent is to slave people into submission by gadget induced lethargy.

The business plan is sound and really very well designed. Drugs controlling the population, doctors that charge a big deal in prescribing the drugs Big Pharma puts out and advertise everywhere, to induce fear creating many disease with new names and forms where the fear of dead is so worked and stimulated, that people flock to the doctor at every turn of life, having surrendered any personal decision to enjoy life truly as it is, in the natural state given to us by Life itself.. The circle complete: Big Pharma puts out fear, creates drugs to control the population and their own created fears, doctors prescribe them drugs, Big Pharma gets richer and richer, forcing higher and higher drug prices. Very good business plan.

But the most striking thing of all of this big pharma business creating disease everywhere, is that people are not allowed to die. Old people are not allowed to die. It is a great big income to keep people alive at all cost. Hospitals and Nursing Homes are full of old people that wish to finish their life in peace, but they are, definitely, not allowed to die. The recycling of old people from hospitals to nursing homes is a huge industry favoring doctors and big pharma and it happens everyday, in every hospital. People are not allow to die unless they have no money left. Their home mortgaged, their children dry of resources, then people are allowed to die. I have seen this during my days of working in hospitals.

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